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Are you looking for a care service offering reduced fees in a location of your choice?

We understand that no two people’s care needs are the same. By working closely with care providers, we have developed a list of care services who are prepared to offer service users substantial savings on their fees.

Self-funding service users (those whose fees are not paid by the local authority or NHS) have traditionally found it increasingly difficult to find quality care at an affordable price, both within their location and within their budget.

At Care Home Co-Operative we aim to change all that by connecting care providers offering reduced fees with self-funding service users.

By listing care services in the Care Co-Operative who offer discounts of up to 25%, we aim to bring more affordable care to you and your families, which in turn will give you peace of mind when working out your finances.

Once you have registered with us and your membership has been confirmed you can search the care provider members and benefit from reduced fees obtained by the Care Co-Operative.

For further advice about financing your care, consult a financial advisor with later life accreditation.

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Care Providers

Do you want to provide an even better service to your service users? Are you held back by the fees being imposed on you by the local authority commissioners?

Join the Care Co-Operative and benefit from an increased number of enquiries from self-funding service users.

As a Co-Operative we are looking to sign up care services which are willing to offer a discount to self-funding service users and their families.

Once you sign up with us we will advertise your service on our website and alert the service user members who are looking for care, that you are willing to offer a discount.

As a care provider member you will have the opportunity to market yourselves to service users and their families whose financial assessment requires them to pay in full for their own care.

As a result, your service will be much more attractive to service members and you will benefit from an increased number of enquiries.

Ours is the only care collective of its kind in the UK and we have introduced a whole new concept to members, enabling them to find and provide care at discounted rates.

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Why join the Care Co-Operative?

If you or a family member need care, your assessment may show that you must fund the care yourself, with no help from the health services or local authority.

If the amount of your capital (savings) including the value of any property such as your home, exceeds £23,250, you must pay the fees for care yourself. This is called 'self-funding' and you are called a 'self-funder'. Fees can be very expensive and quickly eat into your savings.

At Care Co-operative, we understand that self-funders and their families worry about the cost of care or finding an affordable care home in the right location.

We also understand that most care providers require a certain number of self-funders to allow them to be able to afford to provide the best care possible and still be financially viable.

By joining the Care Co-operative care seekers will benefit from reduced fees which are being offered by our care provider members. In return the care providers will have increased opportunities to provide care to self-funders.

Members include residential homes, nursing homes, specialist homes and home care services

Care choices

We offer a choice of residential homes, nursing homes, specialist homes and home care services.

Residential homes

Residential care homes offer permanent and respite care for older people and may be privately run, run by charities, not-for-profit organisations or occasionally, by local authorities. Many residential facilities are designed for elderly people who do not need 24-hour nursing care but are unable to live independently.

They typically provide a furnished or unfurnished room, together with all meals and housekeeping and laundry service. Depending on the needs of the resident they also provide assistance with daily activities such as personal hygiene, dressing, eating, and walking.

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Nursing homes

Care homes with nursing are suitable for older people who may need the attention of a nurse. Each home of this type will have at least one qualified nurse on duty at all times.

Nursing home services usually include: monitoring of medication, personal care, 24 hour emergency care and social and recreational activities.

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Specialist homes

Specialist care homes cater for people who suffer from specific illnesses and have trained staff available. Residents may suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia or mental and physical disabilities, where a high level of specialist care is required and living at home is no longer an option.

Specialist care homes are designed to meet the specific needs of individuals and offer trained staff with the ability to care for residents with behavioural needs and specialised activities.

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Home care

Home care allows an older person with care needs to stay in their home. It is suitable for people who are getting older, are chronically ill, recovering from surgery, or disabled. Home care services include: personal care, such as help with bathing, washing your hair, or getting dressed.

Carers can either live-in and provide 24 hour a day care or work on an hourly basis, depending on the requirements of the individual. This type of care is also suitable for people who want to retain their independence.

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Latest News & Articles

Here we bring you the latest news and articles which may be of interest to care providers and service users in the UK. We include interesting and informative articles, blogs and news stories related to the care industry.

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Feedback from Care Seekers

To coincide with the launch of the Care Co-Operative, founder, Joan Mansfield gave a presentation at the Care Info Seminar (funding care, care options, wills and Lasting Power of Attorney) in Enfield, which was hosted by Home Care Preferred and Burlington Wealth Management.

Feedback from care seekers about the Care Co-Operative was very positive.