Care Seekers

Do you or a family member need to know more about the care options available to you?

Have you had a financial assessment by the local authority?

Has your assessment shown that you must fund the care yourselves (which is the case if your savings exceed £23,250, including the value of your property), with no help from the health services or local authority?

If the answer is yes, the Care Co-Operative can help you find care services offering reduced fees to self-funders.

Individuals do not have the purchasing/bargaining power of local authorities who place a lot of contracts. Care seekers often feel ‘abandoned’ when searching for information about suitable care at an affordable price, leaving many people feeling confused and overwhelmed. Fees for care can be expensive and quickly eat into your savings and become a source of anxiety for all involved.

We aim to change that by offering invaluable advice and reduced fees, so you get more for your ‘grey pound’. After years of scrimping and saving, why pay more than you need to for care? By working closely with care services and carers we offer value for money and peace of mind.

Care Providers

At Care Co-Operative we understand that most care services require a certain number of care seekers paying their own fees to allow them to provide the best care possible and still be financially viable.

By joining the Care Co-operative, care seekers will benefit from fees reduced by yourselves which will result in you having more opportunities to market your service to self-funders.

We only accept care providers who are CQC registered.


About us

Founded by Joan Mansfield, who has over 30 years’ experience of working in the UK care industry, many of those years as an inspector of care services, the Care Co-Operative is a team of friendly and dedicated professionals who offer:

  • Reduced care home and home care fees
  • Helpful advice and information about your care options
  • First-hand knowledge of how the UK care industry works
  • An increased number of valuable enquiries to care providers